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Title: lie to me - the truth is gonna change everything
Series: APH
Pairing: FACE ... it's complicated XD
Rating: PG
Length: 1000 words, chapter 4 (4/5)
Notes: AU; the English Empire consists of three main islands - England, America, Canada 

[ lie to me ]
iv. the truth is gonna change everything

Canada watches them, two figures blurred by the rain. He sees them raise their swords at each other like they’re nothing more than common enemies. He sees America’s surprise and England’s hesitation as he rushes at his son and then finally, he sees England fall to his knees.

Canada knows that America has won. England will no longer rule them.

Then he hears the first notes of a tune he knows all too well, and turns, his heart clenching because that anthem was never meant to be played on these lands. He sees France on the hilltop, a flag bearer to his right, holding his sword in one hand and the reins of his mare in the other.

He hears England’s cry of rage and betrayal and America’s denial behind him as France urges his mount forward. He’s too stunned to ask the king what he’s doing here or why he’s interfering now, of all times, and France rides to him with a faint smile and a look in his eyes that leaves Canada feeling cold.

France throws a rose to him and calls out, “Pour la liberté, l’égalité, et la fraternité!” as he thunders past. Canada ignores the flower and hastens to get out of the way as France’s men pound after their leader.

The sword is too heavy in his hand and the rain is drenching him. He refused to stand with his father against his brother and refuses now to stand with his brother and his lover against his father. With a strangled sob, Canada sinks to his knees in the mud.

He watches, unable to tear his eyes away, as England staggers to his feet, hissing and spitting in defiance, his hackles raised and his pride insurmountable. He sees America reach out helplessly and France stand in his way, and he knows that France has won.


America comes looking for him after England retreats back to the main island, uttering threats all the way, his men trooping after him with hatred in their eyes. He drops to his knees beside his brother and grins weakly. “Did you know France was coming, Mattie?”

Canada is silent for a few moments, the raindrops falling silently onto his closed eyelids. “No. He didn’t tell me.”

“You sure he didn’t mention anything?” America shifts so that he’s leaning against the tree trunk like Canada is, and gives his brother a gentle punch in the arm. “You would’ve told me if he had, right? I can trust you?”

“You shouldn’t trust anyone in a war,” Canada replies. I don’t even trust myself. “But yes, you can trust me.”

America drapes an arm over him and says, “You’re the best brother ever, Mattie.”

“I’m your only brother.” Canada tries to chuckle, but he’s afraid it comes out more strangled than he would like.

“Even if we had another, he wouldn’t be as awesome as you,” America elaborates.

“Thanks, I guess.”

They sit side by side for a while in the near silence, the rain whispering secrets around them as America rests his head on Canada’s shoulder.

Canada keeps his eyes closed and hopes he doesn’t dream.


“The choice is yours.”

He finishes his speech, unable to look at the people massed before him as the whispers start. Bowing his head, he scurries out of their sight and heaves a sigh, rolling his shoulders back in an attempt to relieve himself of some of the weight that stress has pressed upon his shoulders.

His brother is somewhere having a war conference with France. His father is no doubt fuming in his castle, wondering where he had gone wrong. He himself has just finished telling his people that it is their choice who they support in the war, but that Canada’s army will not be mobilizing for either side.

How can he ask them to choose when he can’t even choose himself?


There’s a light tap at his window in the middle of the night. Jolted awake, Canada turns his head towards the window and hears a quiet whistling from outside. Confused, he stumbles out of bed and throws his shutters open.

T’es pas assez prudent, Mathieu,” France chastises as he slides past Canada into the room.

Canada closes his shutters again and leans against them, watching France. “Qui d’autre sifflerait l’hymne de la France?”

Un assassin, peut-être?” France grinned at him, tilting his head upwards to meet Canada’s lips.

Un assassin de la France?” Canada asks once they part, but France just shakes his head and laughs. “Pourquoi es-tu ici?”

Trop de questions, Mathieu!” France chastises him and then grabs his hand, leading him towards the bed.

“No,” Canada says firmly, and he sees France jerks his head towards him in surprise. “Answer my questions. Why are you here, in Ottawa? I’ve never given you permission to come here before.”

Mathieu,” France whines, but Canada doesn’t budge. France heaves a sigh. “Ton frère m’a dit que tu ne veux pas joindre la guerre.”

“I thought you wanted me to stay with England.”

C’est plus nécessaire. Avec la coopération de l’Amérique, on aura une victoire complète.

Canada frowns. “But why are you here?”

Nous joindre.” France squeezes the hand he’s holding. “On peut détruire l’Angleterre.”

“I don’t want to destroy England,” Canada says, closing his eyes as a headache starts to sink in. “Don’t make me choose, France. I won’t.”

France just shrugs and smiles at Canada. “On peut le faire sans toi. Oublie-le.”

Canada rubs his face. They were getting nowhere. “Pourquoi es-tu ici, France?”

France tugs on his hand again and sits on the bed, leaving Canada to stand over him. He lets go and spreads his hands under Canada’s shirt. Canada lets out a slight shiver as France’s fingers brush his sensitive sides and bites his lip.

Tu as déjà vu la Paris,” France whispers, placing a kiss in the sharp dip between Canada’s hipbones. “Je voulais voir le cœur du Canada.


A letter arrives for him a few days later. As the page delivers it to him, Canada recognizes the handwriting right away, although there is no identifying seal.

You betrayed me. You are no longer my son.

England had elaborately scrawled his name across the top before crossing it out several times.

Canada crumpled up the letter and wondered if America had gotten the same message from their father.



America bursts into his home full of energy, his blue eyes wide and wild.

“What is it?” Canada is on his feet, already dreading the news.

“We’ve decided! France and I are attacking London in two days!”


A/N - I struggled a lot writing this chapter, and I think it shows =/ I'm not sure if the shifts in their relationship really come through the way they were meant to, or if they're all still in my head, but I've been stuck for way too long and I just want to get this out there ><;

There's also a ridiculous amount of French in the chapter, for which I apologize.  I tried to make up for it by using words that resembled English ones and adapting Canada's dialogue, but I'm not sure how that turned out ... orz

Pour la liberté, l’égalité, et la fraternité - For freedom, equality, and brotherhood (freedom - freedom from England, equality - equality between their peoples, brotherhood - the bond between America and Canada)

T’es pas assez prudent, Mathieu. - You're not careful enough, Matthew.

Qui d’autre sifflerait l’hymne de la France? - Who else would be whistling the French anthem?

Un assassin, peut-être? - An assassin, perhaps?

Un assassin de la France? - A French assassin?

Trop de questions, Mathieu! - Too many questions, Matthew!

Ton frère m’a dit que tu ne veux pas joindre la guerre. - Your brother told me that you did not want to join the war.

C’est plus nécessaire. Avec la coopération de l’Amérique, on aura une victoire complète. - That is no longer necessary. With America's cooperation, we will have a complete victory.

Nous joindre. On peut détruire l’Angleterre. - Join us. We could destroy England.

On peut le faire sans toi. Oublie-le. - We can do it without you. Forget about it.

Pourquoi es-tu ici, France? - Why are you here, France?

Tu as déjà vu la Paris. Je voulais voir le cœur du Canada. - You have already seen Paris. I wanted to see the heart of Canada.

Please, feel free to point out any errors in my French >>;

Date: 2011-06-22 03:50 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weird-number.livejournal.com
Ahh, poor Canada, having to choose between his lover and his father! D:

Actually, I think you did manage to show the shifting nature of their relationships nicely. :) I found it depressing that because Canada's refusing to choose sides, he's probably going to end up ruining relations for himself on all fronts. =/

And I'm glad I could read most of the French! ;D It's probably helpful that half of Canada's responses are in English. And, and -- (4/5) -- this is ending next chapter?!

Date: 2011-06-22 20:35 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darkfireburning.livejournal.com
Thank you! I'm glad it all came across alright =)

Yupp, ending in one more chapter, but I really want to write a sequel from France's point of view, except I'm not really sure where it would go, so I need to sit down and plan it sometime XD

Date: 2011-06-23 09:30 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weird-number.livejournal.com
Ooh, that would be really interesting to see! Actually, when I was reading, I often wondered what France thought of Canada at various points in time -- his actions seemed quite subtle, so it was hard to tell. So a sequel would be awesome. ;D

Date: 2011-06-25 00:15 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darkfireburning.livejournal.com
The next chapter should clear up France's intentions a bit, I think .. I need to figure out a solid backstory for him still, ahaha XD

Date: 2011-06-25 08:36 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weird-number.livejournal.com
Cool, I'll be looking forward to it! :D haha I think we like diving into stories without planning!


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