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Title: lie to me - so lie to me and tell me it's going to be alright
Series: APH
Pairing: FACE ... it's complicated XD
Rating: PG Length: 500 words, chapter 5 (5/5)
Notes: AU; the English Empire consists of three main islands - England, America, Canada 

[ lie to me ]
v. so lie to me and tell me it's going to be alright


France appears in the smoke in front of Canada. Canada watches him approach warily, one hand still on his bloodied sword.

"C'est fini," France murmurs as he stands in from of Canada, his blue eyes bright in the red blood and fire that surrounds them.

Canada rushes forward when France collapses onto his knees, shaking. It takes a few moments for Canada to realize that it's laughter – harsh, dissonant, laughter – that's coming from France and not tears.


Canada turns around to see America rushing to him, a grimace in place. When he arrives though, his brother offers him a bitter smile and says, "We won."

"Yeah," Canada replies, trying to pull his lips upward into something that at least resembles a smile. "You won."

"No," America insists, pulling his brother into a hug. Canada stumbles forward into his brother's arms, unable to muster the energy to fight him. "The United States have won. America and Canada together."

"No," Canada echoes, leaning forward. His chin fits comfortably on America's shoulder. "We can be America and Canada, but not the United States of America."

America pulls back, a wounded expression on his face. "You don't want to rule together?"

"You know that's never going to work. There will be arguments about heirs and the closest descendents and nothing will ever be decided without a bunch of nobles objecting."

They pass a few moments in silence. France has fallen silent, although Canada doubts that he is listening. Finally, America smiles again and nods his head. "Yeah, I guess you're right. But we did it, didn't we? We won!"

Canada lets himself be pulled back into America's arms, his brother's happy laughter ringing around them.


Canada doesn't go see France for several days after London stops burning. When he finally does, France welcomes him with open arms and a chaste kiss to his forehead.

"Je suis si fier de toi," the king whispers into Canada's ear. "On a gagné la guerre."

"What was so funny?" Canada asks quietly as France's breath moves down to tickle his neck. There are gentle kisses being pressed to his exposed skin and he tries not to squirm when France's hands move to his sides. "You were laughing, when I found you."

"La français," France reprimands, pausing for a moment.

"Je m'excuse. Pourquoi riais-tu quand je t'ai trouvé?"

France's hands slip under his shirt, one sliding upwards to play with his nipples and the other one pressing him firmly against France's chest.

"C'était rien."


America sits across from him, a thoughtful expression on his face. "No one's seen him since France's attack on London, and his body hasn't been identified as one of the dead. What do you think happened to him?"

"You could talk about him with a little bit more respect," Canada scolds quietly. "He was our father and the king of an empire, and he might be dead."

An almost unidentifiable look settles on America's face as he smiles sadly. "Yeah, I guess. But I don't really believe he's dead, you know? England would never die that easily."



England is about to snarl a response when France's lips crash down on his own, swallowing his defiance. France sucks and nibbles and coaxes him to let him in until England is left slumped on the floor of a small cottage in the middle of nowhere panting for breath.

"It's all about loyalty, isn't it, Arthur?"

With a terrible smile, France is gone.


A/N - ... I have no good excuse for why it took so long to upload this ._. I had it finished, but never posted it.

Anyway, hopefully there are still some people around who want to read this ^^; Thank you for reading, those of you who have made it this far!

C'est fini. - It's over.

Je suis si fier de toi. On a gagné la guerre. - I am so proud of you. We won the war.

Je m'excuse. Pourquoi riais-tu quand je t'ai trouvé? - I'm sorry. Why were you laughing when I found you?

C'était rien. - It was nothing.


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