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Title: Making Time
Series: APH
Pairings: France/England
Rating: PG
Length: 500 words; oneshot
Note: human AU; for the [livejournal.com profile] what_the_fruk October Lovefest prompt - Academia AU - classes, classwork, scheduling difficulties when planning dates, all of it. (I just took the scheduling difficulties and ran with it!)

Arthur's cellphone vibrated. He promptly slapped a hand over his pocket, trying to quiet the insistent buzzing. When the professor turned to write something on the board, he pulled it out and opened it under the table.

You free Thursday?

Arthur frowned at the message from Francis and quickly texted back, Can't, I have work after school.

Buzz. Before school?

Scowling now, he replied, You know I have rowing before school four days a week! What about Friday?


Arthur looked up in a panic. The professor was glaring at him and pointing a finger at the single word on the board.

"Entailment," Arthur read out loud in relief. He knew about this. He rattled off a few facts about eldest sons and the importance of marriage in the age before his professor gave a satisfied nod.

Once the class's attention was no longer on him, he glanced at his cell again, selecting the new message.

Orchestra before school and work after school.

Irritated, Arthur stuffed the phone back in his pocket without replying.

"Arthur, is everything alright?" Madelaine leaned over from the seat beside him. "You look stressed."

"It's nothing," he assured her, forcing himself to smile. "Just a busy schedule, that's all."

"Don't push yourself too hard," she said kindly before turning her attention back to the front.

Barely five minutes had passed before the first few notes of his ringtone rang out. Everyone turned towards him as Arthur, mortified, scrambled to end the call.

"Kirkland, do you need to step outside for a moment?"

"No, Professor," he replied weakly, shoving his phone into his backpack after turning the sound off.

With a last sharp glance, the lesson resumed. Arthur groaned as he heard the faint, but identifiable buzzing coming from his bag. He silently willed Francis away, but the buzzing continued relentlessly.

Finally, he fished his phone out again, careful to keep his hand fisted around it to minimize the vibrations. He turned the phone to silent all and opened his new messages, only to see a bunch of one word texts. He scrolled down to the oldest new text and read it, then the ones after, slowly making his way up.

Meet you in front of the South Building in twenty.


Don't ignore me, Kirkland, I know you're tempted.






Arthur groaned quietly as he scrolled through the rest of the messages, each progressively dirtier than the last. Biting his lip, he glanced around him. No one was paying any attention to him.

You're a bastard, Bonnefoy, he texted back. Sexting is a new low.

Francis replied immediately. You read them all, didn't you? The fault's all yours, Kirkland ;) Ten minutes!

Arthur stood up resolutely, ignoring the looks of his classmates and professor as he hurried out of the class. As he walked down the hall, he sent another text to Francis. You're a terrible influence on me.

Says the person with a tramp stamp, Francis sent back. Besides, we never get any time together, so I figured we should make some. Eight minutes!

Proper gentlemen are always early, Arthur said, rounding the corner to the South Building.

Francis was waiting, leaning against one of the heavy double doors. Arthur approached him, scowl in place, but Francis interrupted him with a kiss before he could speak.

"Terrible influence," Arthur grumbled once they separated, but he smiled.

"You love it," Francis said cheerfully, capturing Arthur's lips once more.

Date: 2011-10-14 23:57 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fireblazie.livejournal.com
Oh, gosh, what didn't I like about this? I love academia!AUs pretty much all the time, and, haha, you know, I really liked that I could relate to it. Because how many times has my phone vibrated in class, and it's always really loud and everybody hears it but it's never a booty call from Francis /sighs disappointedly

So, yes! This was lots of fun to read and definitely made me smile. Of course Arthur would succumb to Francis in the end. :D :D

Date: 2011-10-16 02:49 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darkfireburning.livejournal.com
I think we've all suffered from loud phone vibrations at one point or another, ahaha - I know I definitely have! A call or text from Francis would make it all worth it though XD

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3 Everyone knows Arthur just can't resist that charm ;D


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