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This is the journal of darkfireburning (burningdarkfire on There's only a scattering of personal posts, and those are f-locked. Feel free to message or friend, I love meeting new people! =)

Current fandom: mostly Axis Powers Hetalia, along with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and some other CLAMP works.

A little bit about me:

I'm a nerd in the sense that I love learning new things all the time. I have an interest in languages, math, history, law, politics, psychology, and music.

I started my first piano lessons when I was three and learned to read music before I could even write my own name, so music has always been a huge part of my life =) I've studied music history and harmony and loved them both.

English is my dominant language, but Chinese (Mandarin and the Shanghai Dialect) is my mother tongue, and I've been in French Immersion programs since grade 4 - so I can read, write, and speak decent English, Chinese, and French.

Journal Style from [info]thefulcrum, with small changes by me.

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