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Title: Falling For You - Vow
Series: TRC
Pairing: KuroFai
Rating: PG
Length: about 5000 words, chapter 23 (23/26)

Vow (17 Years and 2 Months Old; Part II)
September 27, 17: 16 Years and 9 Months Old

Fai was missing.

Kurogane hadn’t seen him since days before, at his father’s funeral. Fai had stood wordlessly at Kurogane’s side; he seemed to glow with his own strange light in the newly grim and gray world.

Kurogane looked around the yard, wondering numbly where Fai could have gone. Souma stood beside him, lending him her quiet strength. Where the others were, he neither knew nor really cared.

“You’ve been out of it lately,” Souma said, her voice drifting to Kurogane.

“Have I?” He glanced at her without seeing her.

Souma met his distracted gaze steadily. “You’re so terribly sad all the time and when you’re not staring off into space, you’re angry.”

“I’m not angry or sad,” Kurogane replied indifferently. “I’m okay.”

“People who are okay don’t go on a rampage at home and destroy everything in their room,” Souma retorted.

Kurogane finally turned to look at her straight on. “Tomoyo told you?”

“She’s worried about you,” Souma said softly. “She needs you now more than ever. So does Kendappa-san, even if you hate her.”

Kurogane remained silent for a while. “No,” he answered at last. “I don’t hate her.”

He walked off.

Scanning the yard, he looked for Tomoyo. He found her sitting with Sakura and Syaoran beneath the sakura trees that he himself had sat under countless times with Fai, Souma, Watanuki, Doumeki, and Himawari.

“Tomoyo,” he called out, obtaining her attention. When she turned to him, a look of surprise on her face, he knelt before her, ignoring the blatant looks of curiosity he was attracting. “Tomoyo,” he repeated.

“What is it, Kurogane?” She asked gently.

“I promise, Tomoyo, that whatever happens, I will protect you with my life. No matter what other tragedies are thrown at us, I’ll keep you safe. I promise you Tomoyo, I’ll protect you with all of my strength.” His voice was calm even as his thoughts sped, too quickly for even him to follow.

A brief pause followed as Tomoyo studied him. Kurogane was unsure of what she found, but finally she nodded and smiled at him. “Thank you, Kurogane.” Her reply was simple and complete.

“I also have a question for you.”

“Ask away,” his sister replied easily.

“The witch,” he said, watching her. “Where is she now?”

Tomoyo looked at him strangely, but told him anyway.

Kurogane stood, now that what he had come here to do was done. He walked to his car, aware that there were stares directed at him every direction. He drove to the shop that Yuuko now occupied, his mind focused on only one thing now.

It was situated between two normal buildings and seemed rather out of place. Kurogane frowned at it, wondering why he hadn’t noticed it before, then reasoned it away by telling himself that he rarely ever drove this way.

“I’ve been waiting,” she greeted him as soon as he opened the door. “You’re aware that you will have to pay a price.”

“Of course,” Kurogane snapped, feeling some of the usual irritation he experienced whenever he was around the witch return. “But if he truly didn’t want me to know, then he wouldn’t have come to you.”

“True enough,” Yuuko conceded. “Unless he was absolutely desperate, am I right?”

Kurogane nodded mutely. “Name your price.”

“You wish to know Fai’s location,” Yuuko stated, shifting slightly in her elegant chair, her black hair falling forward to drape around her arms.

“Yes,” Kurogane confirmed.

“Your price will be the burden of doing what you know to be right,” Yuuko told him, her voice emotionless. “And you will accept the consequences, no matter how harsh they might be.”

“Agreed,” Kurogane said without a second thought.

“Fai-kun has run away.”

“From Ashura-san,” Kurogane stated, not as a question, but as a fact.

Yuuko inclined her head. “He’s currently in the hands of a young couple that owes me a small debt. The address is here.” From somewhere on her outfit, the witch withdrew a small piece of delicately folded paper and offered it to Kurogane.

Kurogane strode forward and took it from her. He opened it up and read what was written and then turned and left.

“I trust that you will hold your end of the bargain.” Kurogane ignored Yuuko’s last words as he climbed into his car again, driving off to a small motel nearly 40 minutes away.


“I’m terribly sorry,” the energetic man that was sitting at the front desk said. “But we’re currently full. There’s another motel, just a few more minutes drive, close by, if you need directions …” he trailed off as Kurogane glared at him.

“I’m here to talk to Fai,” he said coolly.

“I’m sorry, but guest information is confidential.” The man smiled just as coldly back at him. “I can’t help you.”

“I was sent by the witch,” Kurogane explained. He watched as the man pressed his lips together.

“Well, if it was Yuuko-san, what can I do?” The man shook his head and laughed, stepping around the desk. He clasped Kurogane on the arm in an overfriendly way and led him down the hall. “I’m Sorata Arisugawa; who are you?”

“Kurogane,” he said curtly.

“Not a very talkative one, are you?” Sorata skipped backwards to peer at Kurogane’s face. “All scary looking too … are you sure Fai’s going to be happy to see you?”

Kurogane faltered briefly. “Maybe not,” he admitted.

Sorata stopped suddenly and Kurogane nearly ran him over. “Now wait a moment,” the young man, hardly older than Kurogane, said sternly. “Fai-kun is a nice young man with a few problems, and if you’re here to make those problems worse, then no matter what Yuuko-san said, I’m not going to just let you waltz in there and …”

“I want to help him,” Kurogane cut in. “But he might not appreciate my help.”

The other man frowned at him but seemed to finally decide to continue down the hall. “Fai-san! You have a guest!” He called out after knocking on a plain red door that looked like every other one.

“Who has Yuuko-chan sent to me?” Kurogane heard Fai ask, puzzled, just before he opened the door. “Oh.”

“Oh?” Kurogane raised an eyebrow. “You went missing for four days, and all you can say is oh?”

“Why are you here?” Fai mumbled, like a child that had been caught sticking his hand in the cookie jar.

“Why am I here?” Kurogane asked, nearly vivid with disbelief. “You disappeared for four days. Souma-chan and the others were worried sick! They’ve all noticed that something is different with you; for the past few months you’ve been getting more and more distant. Something must be wrong with Ashura-san, and now you’ve finally run from whatever it is.”

“There’s nothing wrong,” Fai defended himself feebly. “You don’t have to worry. You didn’t have to go through all the trouble to come here.”

“When will it get through your mind?” Kurogane shouted. “How many times will you say that, until you finally realize? Always telling me nothing’s wrong, that I don’t have to worry. How many times do I have to tell you, I do worry?”

Fai smiled at him. “There’s really nothing for you to worry about.”

Kurogane grabbed the front of Fai’s shirt and bodily lifted him off the ground. The blond’s eyes widened, although where from surprise or fright Kurogane couldn’t tell.

“Don’t smile unless you mean it,” Kurogane hissed, resisting the urge to punch Fai.

Fai dropped his smile and looked at Kurogane, eyes blazing fiercely. “Just go; this has nothing to do with you.”

“When will you accept,” Kurogane asked through gritted teeth. “That your problems affect me as well?”

Fai tugged at Kurogane’s arm. He let him go, although he continued to watch the blond through slitted eyes. Fai turned his back on Kurogane and retreated into his room, picking up a bottle and pouring himself a glass.

Kurogane advanced and promptly snatched the cup out of Fai’s hands. “No sake for you,” he said firmly. “I will not allow you to destroy yourself.”

“Not your decision,” Fai responded, reaching in vain for what was in Kurogane’s hand.

“If you want to die so badly,” Kurogane growled. “I will kill you with my own two hands.” Fai’s eyes widened yet again in shock. “You know I can. But until that day, live!”

Fai seemed to droop in resignation. He stepped back and was rubbing his arms absentmindedly, hugging himself, when his cell phone rang. Hesitantly, he answered it.

“Ashura-san?” He paled immediately. There was a tense silence as he listened to whatever Ashura was telling him. “I’ll be right there.”

“I’ll give you a lift,” Kurogane said immediately, already out the door. He tugged on the gloves Tomoyo had made for him to protect his hands from the cold and brutal winds the beginning of spring sometimes brought.

“Don’t trouble yourself,” Fai responded. “Just go back to school.”

“Your car isn’t parked outside,” Kurogane replied. “You have no way of getting home. If you want to get to Ashura-san, you’ll have to accept a ride from me.”

He waited patiently as Fai stared past him, indecisive. Finally, the blond gave him a curt nod.

“Aren’t you even going to ask me what this is about?” Fai asked quietly as they sped through the streets.

“I said it before, and for whatever reason, apparently I need to say it again,” Kurogane snapped. “It doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is what you do about it – that’s how I’ll judge you.”

“Even if what I do ends my life?” Fai muttered quietly, mutinously.

Kurogane shot him a brief glare before turning his attention back to the road. “Then I’ll never forgive you.”

Fai said nothing more for the rest of the car ride.


When they pulled up to the Ruval Estate, Fai was out of the car before Kurogane was even fully parked. He threw open the door and paused to listen for noises. Hearing none, he proceeded uneasily through the rooms; Kurogane trailed his footsteps until they reached the poolside.

“No,” he heard Fai say. “No, no, no!”

Kurogane looked at what had the blond so upset. He saw at first long, flowing tresses of blond hair lying on the tiles and didn’t understand until he followed the strands to their roots and saw Chii’s glassy eyes staring at them.

“I knocked him out four days ago,” Fai whispered, caressing the now dirty hair. She had died from a knife wound at least half a day ago, judging by the way dried blood stained her once white dress and the rigor mortis that had set in. “He … he was going crazy. Seeing things that weren’t there … threatening us until … until we promised to kill him when whatever demons he saw possessed him.”

Fai looked up at Kurogane, eyes shining but still tearless. They seemed to beg forgiveness and understanding from him, even as he stood frozen. “I slipped drugs into his drink and I fled and I thought Chii had done the same … but she was here when he finally woke up.” He closed his eyes and buried his face in her hair.

“Fai,” a soft, lingering voice sounded from across the pool. “You left me, Fai; you put me to sleep and broke your promise.”

Fai didn’t move.

Ashura stepped into view, his own long black hair tidy. He looked as immaculately groomed as he usually did whenever Kurogane saw him, but now his eyes shone with a strange burning.

Madness, Kurogane realized. He is fully and truly insane.

“Grant me my wish, Fai,” Ashura said, extending a hand towards him. Fai finally looked up and he stood, taking a small step towards Ashura.

“You promised,” the man whispered. “I placed my trust in you, Fai. After all these years … I thought I could trust your word.”

Fai still moved forward, seemingly drawn in by his guardian’s hypnotic tone.

“You killed Chii,” he accused, not breaking eye contact.

Ashura smiled. “She was lovely in life, and even lovelier in death, don’t you think? See how the red spread so beautifully across the white fabric … just like the petals of a flower.” Ashura closed his eyes for a brief moment, looking like he was enjoying himself. “Such a beautiful flower, and I am blessed enough to see it.”

“Why did you have to kill her?”

Ashura snapped his eyes open. “She wouldn’t grant me my wish, Fai. It’s all up to you now. I’ve been betrayed by my own flesh and blood … but you wouldn’t betray me, would you? Child of the woman I loved …” His hand drifted to the small table beside him. He picked up the knife and offered it to Fai. “Won’t you fulfill your promise?”

Fai shook his head, even though he still walked forward. “I’m weak,” he said slowly, as if explaining something to a young child. “I’ve always been weak.”

“No,” Ashura assured him. “You’ve never been weak. You’ve always been kind, Fai, and kindness is not weakness.”

“I was too weak to act when I should have,” Fai continued as if Ashura had not spoken. “I should have spoken up ages ago; I could have saved Chii. But-”

“But you couldn’t kill one who had raised you, right Fai?” Ashura smiled again. “You were too kind to turn again someone that had cared for you, when you were alone and lost, isn’t that right? But now, Fai,” Ashura set the knife down briefly and strode forward, taking Fai’s face in his hands. “I’m not only a man you came to love, Fai. I’m the murderer of your dear darling sister, who despite yourself, you couldn’t help but love.”

Fai lowered his eyes, ashamed. “Yes.”

Ashura stepped back, satisfied. He picked up the knife and once again held it out to Fai, this time with a pair of gloves. “My fingerprints are already all over the knife, so it will be ruled as a murder followed by a suicide.”

Fai, slowly, so slowly, took the gloves and put them on. He reached out for the knife, but Ashura held on.

“You wouldn’t think of finishing yourself off after you killed me, would you, Fai?” The man asked mercilessly. “That won’t do at all. You see, I’d like it if you could live.”

Fai hesitated and Kurogane knew that was exactly what he had been planning to do. “Why?”

“I have my reasons,” Ashura said softly. Then he gestured at Kurogane. “You there, come stand beside Fai. You wouldn’t let him die, would you?”

As if a spell on him had been broken, Kurogane stumbled forward.

“No!” Fai shouted, whipping the knife out of Ashura’s grasp and pointing it at Kurogane. “Don’t come any closer! Don’t get involved o-or I-I’ll knock y-you out!”

“Listen to how he stutters,” Ashura whispered. “He doesn’t mean it, does he? Fai would never hurt you, Kurogane …”

Kurogane chose to block out Ashura’s voice and concentrate instead on Fai. He stepped forward slowly, cautiously, staring at Fai all the while. The blond’s hands shook as he followed Kurogane’s movements with his eyes.

“S-stop,” he pleaded. “Turn around and walk away, Kurogane … you’ve seen how my family has fallen apart! Everyone that gets close to us … everyone dies …”

“Fifteen years …” The chilling voice slid through the air. “He’s already doomed to die, Fai. You’ve known him for fifteen years …”

By the time Kurogane was close enough to touch Fai, the blond was trembling so badly he couldn’t knock Kurogane out even if he wanted to.

“Give me the knife, Fai,” Kurogane encouraged him quietly. “Give me the knife …”

“Kill me now, Fai!” Ashura demanded. “Kill me; fulfill my wish like you promised!”

Fai wavered uncertainly and loosened his grip on the knife.

Kurogane saw his opportunity and lunged forward, snatching the knife from Fai’s hands as he had snatched a cup from them not too long ago. He dove around Fai and lunged for Ashura, plunging the knife into his heart.

Ashura’s insane laughter rang around the cold, empty halls of Ruval, and Kurogane felt chilled as his eyes met Ashura’s cold ones.

Fai let out a strangled scream and dropped to Ashura’s side. “No … no …” he whimpered pathetically.

“Ah, Fai …” Ashura reached up and cupped Fai’s face. “Don’t waste your tears on someone like me, Fai. I’m not worth it …”

“W-why, Ashura-san?” Fai whispered, grabbing his guardian’s hand. “Why did this happen?”

“I can’t hear the demons in my head anymore,” Ashura murmured, ignoring Fai’s question. “They’re finally quiet … finally gone. I’ve finally silenced them!”

“Ashura-san …” Fai gripped the pale hand with all his strength. “Ashura-san!”

With a last demented chuckle, Ashura grabbed the knife sticking out of his chest and pulled it out; the red blood splattered everywhere. He looked at Kurogane, light fading quickly from his eyes, and said, “You’ll take care of him, won’t you?”

“Of course,” Kurogane replied. “Always.”

“No … Ashura-san! Ashura!” Fai screamed after the man drew his last breath. For a few moments, his voice echoed eerily. Hesitantly, Kurogane stepped forward and put a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll call the police,” Kurogane told him. Fai nodded, his eyes still fixed on the man that had raised him.

After Kurogane made the call, he returned to Fai’s side. “I told them what happened.”

Fai spun around frantically. “Did you say-”

“No,” Kurogane cut in. “I said Ashura-san killed himself.”

Fai sagged against Kurogane. “Good.” Kurogane put a steadying around Fai’s shoulders and the blond turned to bury his face in Kurogane’s black shirt.

“You should have told me sooner,” Kurogane scolded him.

“I know.” Kurogane could feel Fai’s warm breath on his chest. Fai looked up, his blue eyes glittering with tears, though none fell, and his eyes seemed so sad, so lonely, that Kurogane pressed his forehead against Fai’s and held him close. As if ashamed, Fai closed his eyes and repeated, “I know.”

“I would have helped,” Kurogane told him.

“I know!” Fai said in anguish, backing away. “But can’t you see? It’s like I’m cursed … everything I touch dies; all my relatives are dead!”

Kurogane folded his arms and glared at Fai. “I don’t believe in curses, and you shouldn’t either. We make our own luck.”

Fai shook his head sadly and walked away. “I think it would be best if you left me now, Kurogane,” he suggested, his voice light.

“Didn’t you hear me earlier?” Kurogane demanded, but Fai wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I’ll always take care of you.” When Fai didn’t reply, wrapping his arms around himself like he wished he could disappear, Kurogane sighed in frustration. “What do I have to do to prove it to you? Tie my survival to yours somehow? Cut off my arm? Give up my home, my family, and run away with you?”

Fai let out a little snort of amusement, and Kurogane was glad to see him turn back around. “Cut off your arm for me?”

“Hey, you never know,” Kurogane shrugged, grinning. He strode forward until he stood in front of Fai again.

Fai punched him gently on the side of his head. “Stupid. You would never do that.”

“If I ever have to prove it to you, I will,” Kurogane promised.

Fai looked at him then, as if afraid he was being serious. “Don’t.”

They were interrupted by a heavy knocking. “Police, open up!” A low voice demanded.


The next few hours passed in a blur of suspicious looks. They were escorted to the police station and questioned separately; Kurogane stuck mostly to the truth and he knew Fai would too.

At last, they were released, after news had arrived that concluded that Ashura had been holding the knife as he died and that a suicide note had been found. Both Kurogane and Fai had alibis for the time and place of Chii’s death: Kurogane had been at school and Fai had been at the motel.

“This is a strange case,” the police chief admitted to Kurogane when he came to let him go. “It’s not often that someone who wishes to commit suicide would wait for witnesses, but I talked to some of Ashura-san’s colleagues at work and they all confirmed that he had been acting strange for months. But why didn’t your friend seek help?” He asked.

Kurogane glared back. “He’s stupid that way.” He exited the station to find Fai waiting for him, his face unhealthily pale and trembling all over. “Didn’t anyone take care of you?” Kurogane demanded, immediately offering Fai his jacket.

“It’s fine,” Fai mumbled, though he took Kurogane’s jacket. The black fabric seemed to swallow him up, and combined with the dark sky, gave Fai the appearance of a fading spirit.

“You disgust me,” Kurogane sighed, leading Fai to his car. “Don’t be such a pushover.”

They didn’t speak for the most of the car ride, until Kurogane was nearly back at his house.

“Where are we going?” Fai asked in surprise, once he finally noticed his surroundings.

Kurogane shot him a look. “You didn’t think of going back there, did you? Even if you wanted to, which I know you don’t, I doubt they would let you.”

From the dark look on Fai’s face, that was exactly what he had been planning on doing. Kurogane pulled into his driveway, parked the car, and nearly dragged Fai out of the car.

“Kurogane!” Tomoyo’s shrill voice split the air as she ran out of the house and grabbed him in a hug. “Kurogane, I always knew you would end up in police custody one day,” she teased once she had let him go.

“You never said anything like that,” Kurogane retorted, resting a large hand on her head.

“Kurogane-kun, Fai-kun,” Kendappa greeted them. “I’m glad you’re both okay.”

“Fai’s staying the night,” Kurogane informed her. “Maybe the next few nights too, until things settle down.”

“Of course,” Kendappa agreed easily. She hustled them inside and insisted that they eat and drink something before finally leaving them in peace.

“You can shower first; you know where the bathroom is,” Kurogane told Fai. “I’ll get you some of my clothes to change into.”

Fai nodded and went into the bathroom without another word. Kurogane selected a plain black shirt, boxers, and a pair of his sweats for Fai and waited for the water to turn on before knocking on the door.

“Come in,” Fai’s voice was muffled by the sound of water. Kurogane opened the door and nearly dropped the clothes.

Fai was completely naked, his back to Kurogane as he bent over and studied the shampoo bottles. Kurogane gaped for a moment before hastily setting the clothes down and turning to face the door.

“You have no dignity,” Kurogane snapped.

“Hmmm?” He heard Fai laugh behind him. “What shampoo should I use?”

“Whichever you want, idiot,” Kurogane responded huffily. “Do you need anything else?”

“Nope,” Fai replied. “I’m fine.”

“Don’t drown yourself,” Kurogane grunted before opening the door and stepping out.

“Kuro-mi, you should trust me more!” Fai called out before the door shut.

“Kurogane, your face is bright red.” Kurogane jumped, having not seen his little sister lurking in the hallway by her room. “Ohohoho! Did Kurogane see something he likes?’

“Shut up!” Kurogane shouted, aware of Tomoyo’s smug look, and strode back to his room. “The room was really hot, okay?”

“I doubt the room was the only thing you thought was hot,” Tomoyo sniggered. Kurogane slammed his door shut with a groan.


Fai opened his door nearly an hour later, his hair dark and dripping. “Kuro-mi?”

Kurogane looked up at him from where he had been leaning against the wall, thinking. “What is it?”

“Are you okay? You’re just sitting in the dark,” Fai said worriedly, flipping the light switch on. Kurogane squinted a bit until his eyes adjusted.

“You’re not wearing a shirt,” Kurogane informed Fai, challenging himself to keep his eyes on Fai’s face.

Fai smirked. “I know, Kuro-mi. I didn’t want to put it on until I dried my hair.”

“Well, hurry up and dry it then,” Kurogane grumbled. “You shouldn’t be wandering around half naked.”

Fai entered his room, closing the door behind him. He came and sat in front of Kurogane, toweling his hair as he spoke. “I … wanted to say something.”

“Then say it.” Kurogane stared at him expectantly.

Fai laughed lightly and flashed Kurogane a smile, but dropped it when he saw the scowl on Kurogane’s face. “I just wanted to say …” But he stopped, unsure whether or not to go on.

“There’s no need to thank me,” Kurogane replied bluntly.

“But … you’ve done so much for me.” Fai’s hands played nervously with the towel that now lay in his lap, inactive.

“But you didn’t ask me to,” Kurogane reminded him. “So you owe me nothing, not even your gratitude. I did it because I wanted to.”

Fai smiled weakly. “Kuro-mi is so sure of himself all the time.”

Kurogane grunted. As his gaze strayed down to Fai’s chest, marveling at how smooth his skin looked, he thought that Fai was the only one who could still unsettle him, after all these years. “Hurry up with that hair.”

“Yes, sir!” Fai giggled and raised the towel to his head again.

Kurogane saw it then: a thin, faded scar, starting below Fai’s ribs and extending to nearly his hipbone on his left side. Although Fai’s entire body was covered in small scars from the car accident that had killed his father, this one was nearly completely straight, which suggested only one thing.

“You never told me you had surgery before,” Kurogane said quietly.

“What do you mean, Kuro-mi?” The smile was back, but Kurogane noticed that as Fai crossed his arms, his right hand completely covered up the scar. “I’ve never had surgery before.”

Kurogane shook his head. “You and your secrets.”

“It’s nothing, okay, Kuro-mi?” Fai stood and walked away. “I’m going to go ask Tomoyo-chan where the hairdryer is.”

Kurogane was left in his room, head full of unanswered questions, the most prominent one being: What is it that I feel about Fai?


Kurogane woke up to the sound of footsteps padding down the hall towards his room. Stumbling up, he opened the door to admit Fai, whose hand had been poised to knock.

“What?” He asked, rather grumpily.

“I can’t sleep,” Fai explained, hugging himself again. “Can I sleep in your room?”

“Sleeping bag’s in the closest,” Kurogane muttered before returning to his bed. He heard rustling as Fai located the sleeping bag and laid it out.

“Good night, Kuro-mi.”

“Just go to sleep. Maybe when you wake up, you’ll remember my name.”

Kurogane fell asleep to the sound of Fai’s gentle laughter.


Now (21 years and 5 months)

The doctor is talking to Kurogane, and now he knows where that scar came from.

He knows what he can do to save Fai.

Kurogane argues with the doctor for a while about proper procedure, finally tossing the annoying man his wallet. The doctor opens it hesitantly, flipping through all the pictures, then makes a small note on his clipboard.

He nods at Kurogane to follow him, and Kurogane gives Fai’s hand one last squeeze before he exits the room.

He will save Fai, no matter what.


A/N - 3 CHAPTERS LEFT. The next one is probably my personal fave and it's long.

As for this chapter - eh, I don't have much to say. I don't like what happened to Ashura in this fic - but I feel like it needed to happen? idek =/ This is Yuuko's last appearance and I randomly stuck Sorata in there for a cameo, because he's kind of awesome like that <3 

A huuuuuge thank you to everyone who's been reading, and an extra thanks goes to my reviewers/commenters =) I'm writing for you!
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